Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oak Is Keeping - Animal Style

Artist: Oak Is Keeping
Album: Animal Style
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. SiNk
02. No Kiss
03. How We Treat Girls
04. Tell Me These Things
05. Tempt
06. Book of Matches
07. Devil in the Truth
08. Burn It All Down
09. So Sweet
10. What We Live


Oak Is Keeping’s first full length studio album is a successful straightforward alternative rock album from a band that is still making a good name for themselves. Animal Style is a title that that leaves little to the imagination. That animalistic behaviour can be, and still is, very much a part of people. This is the subtle theme throughout but can also be given as a direct and obvious sign in the album’s first few tracks; most notably “No Kiss”. The solid direct guitar riffs matched with unison vocals sound like they challenge you to think about humanity – that were not as refined as we make ourselves out to be: “The human race cut off a nose despite the face – let’s split some hairs let’s see what were about” Animal Style can feel like it’s an opinion piece cloaked in a musical compilation. The words are as direct as the music in terms of delivery.

Delivery may be one of the most admirable qualities of the record. Almost every track sticks with the solid forms of traditional alternative rock but each guitar riff is set with a unique quality. Each song has a tight melody but perhaps the most interesting examples are seen at the end of the album. “Burn It All Down” and “So Sweet” definitely have the markings of a rock influence but they really use a more spacious sound with a recurring swoop of a fast drum line. In tone they sound more optimistic than the others but they still demonstrate the overall theme Animal Style tries to create. There are many sides to people, on the outside there may be subtle differences. Beyond that, we all share the endearing animal style theme of humanity.-by (

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