Thursday, July 10, 2008

Expedicion A Las Estrellas - 72

Artist: Expedicion A Las Estrellas
Album: 72
Label: None
Year: 2008

01. Daksha Kinich Ahau 3113-5.125
02. La Distancia Se Oscurece Entre Petalos De Luna
03. 1979-2007
04. Ens Seminis (Phoenix)
05. Entropνa Cegada Ante El Horror Autumnal Del Satelite Mas Distante
Al Corazσn...

Expediciσn a las Estrellas is a conceptual cosmology band with a unique genre in Latin-American; they have a huge influence by the atmospheric sounds from East and Europe. They have made an amazing fan-base through all this years: they are epic, emotional, and inspirational gathering a perfect balance between metal and post-rock. ‘EALE’, as all the fans know, they find a spiritual landscape with their music. The lyrics are beautifully builded in Spanish, describing us what is going to happen in the year 2012. All the band members are artists in various genres such as films and documentary’s makers, photographers, painters, literature and very special music lovers. This band is the pioneer here in latinamerica and we all want to be part of this expedition, they write beautiful notes to the stars and feed us back with
spiritualism. This Promo EP is is one of the most expected releases of this year for the underground masses. ‘72’, it's the sinergy to fly to 9, the number of GIO "god of red oceans, their god as they describe him. All members are Sxe and Vegans but they respect each lifestyles and try to give a unique cosmovision doing the "mirror effect" the sky represents the earth.


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