Sunday, December 6, 2009

Képzelt Város - Mit Nekem

Artist: Képzelt Város
Album: Mit Nekem
Label: Major
Year: 2009

01. Sol
02. D2
03. Papírhajó
04. Zuhanó
05. Sergei6
06. White Noise
07. Hercules
08. Futok


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Celeste - Misanthrope(s)

Artist: Celeste 
Album: Misanthrope(s) 
Label: Trendkill Recordings, Denovali
Year: 2009


01. Que Des Yeux Vides Et Seches
02. Comme Pour Leurrer Les Regards Et Cette Odeur De Cadavre
03. Toucher Ce Vide Beant Attise Ma Fascination
04. La Gorge Ouverte Decharnee
05. Il Y Aura Des Femmes A Remercier Et De La Chair A Embroche
06. Mais Quel Plaisir De Voir Cette Tete D'Enfant Rougir Et Sue
07. Une Insomnie Avec Qui Tout Le Monde Voudrait Baiser
08. A Defaut De Te Jeter Sur Ta Progeniture
09. ...Anesthesie Vos Membres Dans Une Orgie D'Enthousiasme


Celeste are a ***ing heavy band. Whatever genre you put them in, post-hardcore, screamo, metal, their atmosphere is completely and utterly choking, almost unbearably so, the sound is dirty and raw and the vocals are raging and spat out with aggression. It's not about being fast, it's about being gruelling, utterly relentless and enraged. After listening to Celeste for the fifty minutes that 'Misanthrope(s)' lasts, you'll probably have choked to death on its gory and insipid atmosphere, and you know what? Celeste will love it, they'll watch you choke and just plod along to the next victim. You can tell that Celeste just love being dirty.

If you hadn't guessed already, Misanthrope(s) is anything but an accessible album. It might take you several listens to really soak in the disgusting and corrosive music that they play, but once you have, there's almost a filthy level of enjoyment you can get out of the release. While song's often linger around mid-tempo, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had from the varied riffs of the guitarists, who can spit out dense and metallic riffs, or pound forward with hardcore style aggression. The vocals are literally spat out with intensity, sitting somewhere between a a black metal rasp and a more typical hardcore roar, the fact that everything is french only adds to the mystery of the release.

As an entity, Misanthrope(s) is as dense and malicious as albums come. Post-hardcore and black metal aren't usually two genres that you'd imagine together, but between the varied riffs and raspy screamed vocals there is something here that comes close and its nastier than you'd ever imagine. For the light hearted, it might be just a little too much, Celeste simply refuse to let up throughout the near hour long length of Misanthrope(s), but for those who enjoy it rough, raw and dirty then this is definitely something you should at least taste. Just don't come crying to me if that taste is sour.

 -by Crimson @

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fall Of Efrafa - Inle

Artist: Fall Of Efrafa 
Album: Inle 
Label: Halo of Flies, Sound Devastation, Alerta Antifascista Records, Behind the Scenes Records
Year: 2009


01. Simulacrum
02. Fu Inle
03. Republic Of Heaven
04. The Burial
05. Woundwort
06. The Sky Suspended
07. Warren Of Snares


Fall of Efrafa proves further that there is still a great deal of inventiveness in existence within the underground music scene by basing the entire concept (from band name, to topical song material, to artwork) around a singular work of literature by exploring the themes and moods and the mythology within Watership Down. Inle is the final installment in a trilogy of albums by this U.K. act and impressively lives up to its moniker (in Watership Down the black rabbit of Inle is the Grim Reaper of the world in the book) by bringing an end to the cycle for the band.

Fall of Efrafa demonstrates an exceptional skill with manipulating soft to loud and loud to soft dynamics while at the same time imbuing their music with a spatial depth that mixes harsh distortion with pleasant melodies. Coarse vocals contrast with music well and adds another element to the band's overall sound. Still, the one aspect of Fall of Efrafa that is most impressive on Inle is the exceptional compositional quality of their songs; the songs flow well and do not wear at all, even with some tracks that easily break the fifteen minute mark, possibly due to the music having a narrative quality itself, like it is speaking to the listener. The tension builds and falls only to start the process all over again as the songs roll in a wholly natural and organic manner that is evident from the very beginning with “Simulacrum,” and while the band somehow marries the different musical motifs (imagine if Neurosis got together with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and created a kind of amalgam of their unmistakable styles) to create their sound. Powerful sounding guitars and percussion combine with impassioned vocals and excellent song composition to provide an engaging and oft times exciting listen, and without a single weak track to be found on Inle, the album captures one's imagination.

I truly am taken aback by Inle from Fall of Efrafa, due in no small part to its breadth and scope. The whole album is impressive with little detail, if any, left out of the release from the music from the composition to the overall sound to the lyrical narrative to the packaging. The best way to experience Inle is to sit with the record on the turntable and the stereo turned up loud enough to force out any type of interruption; have the lyric sheet out so that you might follow along with the story, and just absorb the entire atmosphere that emanates around you while you listen.

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