Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ruined Machines - Pressure & Obsession Press Kit + Sampler

Artist: Ruined Machines
Album: Pressure & Obsession (Press Kit + Sampler)
Label: Rain Music Group
Year: 2010


01. The Extremist Hear
02. The Decade's Had Its Run
03. Graceful Pins & Needles
04. ...Waiting Here At Home
05. Endless, Empty Days


(This is a sampler. Support the artist by buying the album)

“An album doesn’t start from the exact time you lay down the first track of the first song the first time. It starts way beforehand. It takes a lot of mental power, a lot of brainstorming, preparing… pressing and obsessing. It takes gathering all of the emotions you’ve gone through, all the experiences you’ve had, all the love and hate you felt up until the time that that album is completed.

This album, as each one before it, is a product of my heart and soul; it’s the creation of a mind and its pair of hands. It’s the aural representation of sadness and happiness and everything in between. Loneliness, pain, pleasure, shock, fear, worry, anxiety, hunger, despair, boredom, regret, wonder, disappointment, pride… It’s all in there.

An album is a journal entry as well as its creator’s masterpiece at its time of completion.

I work with the tools I have to paint on an infinite canvas. I am an artist. I am a musician. Each album i’ve written reflects the changes i’ve gone through, and in turn the album changes me once it’s complete.

The new album, “Pressure & Obsession”, tells a fictional story through music, but at the same time, largely reflects exactly what’s been through my head, in my heart and in front of my eyes this whole time. It’s as heartfelt as can be. It is my vent, it is my release. It is what I haven’t expressed through words. It is an extension of my self. It is everything about me.” -by
Joseph Kenyon @Ruined Machines.

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