Monday, April 27, 2009

Manatees - Icarus, The Sunclimber

Artist: Manatees
Album: Icarus, The Sunclimber
Label: Eyes Of Sound
Year: 2009

01. Of Wax And Wing
02. The Sunclimber
03. Hyperion Altitude
04. Untitled
05. False Sun
06. Out Of The Sky, Into The Gutter

I am pretty sure that there should be some sort of award for best use of a Neurosis influence. If and when said event occurs, Carlisle based Manatees will be in the running without a doubt. Having absorbed the Oakland cultists combined skills of the riff and the ambience, Manatees have crafted one of the most introspective and downright crushing UK releases I have heard in a long time. It would be easy to chuck the sludge label in the general direction of the 3 lads that make up Manatees, but just like throwing gravel off a motorway flyover, it’s pointless and the results are not that impressive really.

They belong at some sort of cross-roads where sludge, post-rock, the tiniest traces of hardcore and Amrep all converge into one huge, Neurot paved brick road.

Opener “Of Wax & Wing” stumbles in on a staggering riff that explodes into some crushing riffage and hoarse vocals. It’s more of a surprise when it ends less than 2 minutes in and the title track rumbles through its slow burning build up of feedback, granite melody and synths to a crescendo only to give way to ambience and acoustic chords plucked over shards of reverb.

Additional drumming appears in “Untitled” driving the fuzz and feedback drenched guitars through the tortured vocals and pounding backbone.

What’s most impressive about this album and Manatees in general is the relative short time they have been kicking around. To create a work of this depth and skill at this stage only means there is so much more to come. Superb. -by dieshellsuit

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Beloved - Force Feeding Love

Artist: My Beloved
Album: Force Feeding Love
Label: Voices Records
Year: 2008

01. Backworld Blues
02. Hell's Kitchen
03. Disabled Butterfly
04. Dirty Pearl
05. Lunatic Rising
06. Retracing Steps
07. In Vitro
08. Aware Of Thorns

Download (Link removed after request from the artist)

Since 1997 it didn't take long for MY BELOVED to peak out in the Copenhagen musical underground scene as a pioneer band that with their unique, aesthetic and emotional music where telling dramatic, painful and sinister stories through instrumental surfaces that in the late 90's most of all were compared as a detour of the, at that time, almost dead post-rock genre. Since then MY BELOVED has gone ways of their own and are now in total unspoiled music dimensions which the band themselves are calling Instrumental Music Noir.

MY BELOVED aligned their success debut "Servant Of Secret Places" (2003) with "On Happiness Hill" (2005) and cemented with their sinister, dark and incredibly well reviewed 2nd album, that MY BELOVED are an extremely innovative, imaginative and acknowledged band with a growing fan crowd in both US, Europe and Asia.

November 2008 MY BELOVED released their 3rd official album FORCE FEEDING LOVE. This album was the result of 3 turbulent years for each band member and was enhanced with collaborations with John Contreras "Current 93 + Baby Dee" playing cello and Zef Noi$e "Psychic TV + Flesh Test" on viola. The music kept the band together through rough times and the result was released on cd and double vinyl.

MY BELOVED are playing magnificent capturing instrumental music noir that in basis consist of guitar, synths, piano, drums and bass. The music is a mood creating and emotional maelstrom that with storming crescendoes and beautiful passages creates a lively and organic feeling of existence and will. The experimenting sound-surfaces clarify the presence of the art and especially of the passion, and the use of noise makes MY BELOVED appear as a totally unique band, which with new thinking and in a different way produce yet another fearless album. Yet an atmospheric journey in time and mood.

Live, MY BELOVED shows their true strength. With great performance and energy they drag the audience deep into their universe and leave non behind. MY BELOVED is a live band. An artwork where the magic is created in the moment and where the listener becomes a part of the work. -by (

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bird From The Abyss - I

Artist: Bird From The Abyss
Album: I
Label: self released
Year: 2009

01. Intro - Beginning At Center Of The Chaos Azathoth And Flute
02. Song To The Great Black Fox
03. Ways Of Slaughter
04. Abdul Alhazred's Anxiety

Plug "Bird From The Abyss - I" to your headphones, take a trip to the darkness of your local forbidden forest and experience the unreal. Hailing from Finland, Bird From The Abyss is playing music from the unknown depths, according toancient Gods long forgotten. Primitive instrumental / fuzz doom folk / heavy psych.