Saturday, January 12, 2008

Migala - Restos De Un Incendio

Album: Restos de un incendio
Label: Acuarela
Year: 2002

01. La cancion de gurb
02. El pasado diciembre
03. Noche desde un tren
04. El retraso
05. Ciudad del oeste
06. Aquel incendio
07. Un punado de coincidencias
08. El ultimo devaneo
09. Tiempos de desastre
10. Instrucciones para dar cuerda a un reloj


The new elements on "Restos de Un Incendio" are the remains of the fire, the marks left by time and agitation. Songs that were written and recorded between 1997 and 2000 and were released with similar names on any of Migala's three LPs have now been recorded in a spirit best fitting their present state. The ten compositions are something that they once thought were finished. But here they appear changed by a fire that, though it hasn't succeeded in consuming them, has managed to erase the most superficial layers of paint. The band seems to wrestle with something well known, yet seem to be discovering it all over again. This record contains what was left when the fire, fed by the recording of their album "Arde" and livened by the months of touring, finally died out. The ashes are still glowing, symbolizing the end of an age and, perhaps, the beginning of something new.

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