Monday, May 25, 2009


Artist: ELΩXIM
Album: In The Half Light
Label: Self Release
Year: 2007

01. In The Half Light
02. Lighthouse Keepers Solitude
03. Night's Plutonian Shore
04. Seascape
05. The Cry Of Seagulls


Download - 2009 - Lost in silence

My band called ELΩXIM, It's structured around 3 basses (2 distorted-1 clean) and drums in specific records.
No guitars are used in any record of ours.
We play a mix of Funeral/Doom/Drone and even Black in some tracks. We are two people from Macedonia Greece and made this band come true since 2000. Our influences are bass bands like: Methadrone - OM - Big Business - Thrones - Necromantia - Godheadsilo - Bunkur - Skuldom - Halo and more. The specific album recorded in October 2007 in my home studio which was also mixed and mastered by me. I hope you like It.


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