Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home - Promo EP

Artist: Home
Album: Promo EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Emonoel
02. Matt Demon
03. Dice Game


Home had many names and formations since the beginning of this project. The final formation exists ever since octobre 2009. After a first trailbrazing gig at the end of 2009 in the PMK in Innsbruck the 3-piece decided to change the name a last time and record a Promo EP.

The band exists of very popular names of the underground-scene in Innsbruck. Hans-Peter Ganner (Vocals, Bass; / Bassist-Sahara Surfers, ExBassist-DNR, ExBassist-Crippled), Amadeus Mader (Guitar; / ExGuitarist-Botanical Garden, ExGuitarist-Room 101) and Multi-Instrumentalist Mathias Magerle (Drums; / ExVocalist-DNR, ExGuitarist-Crippled, ExMultiInstrumentalist-Jokers In Trousers).

With the 3 songs of this EP, that was recorded in no time, Home demonstrates pure strength and surprises (at all events ME) with a totally new soundscape. This is Hans-Peters first try in a band as vocalist with a totally brachial voice. The tunes are generally very hard to classify with a genre. It reminds me very much on the sounds of Kylesa. But it is also very hard to range the music of Kylesa.

A mix of Sludge, Psychedelic and Hardcore is awaiting you with this release. This is for everybody who is searching for music full of power! Have fun!

Home Are:
Hans-Peter Ganner - Vocals and Bass
Amadeus Mader - Guitar
Mathias Magerle - Drums


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