Sunday, November 2, 2008

God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut

Artist: God Is An Astronaut
Album: God Is An Astronaut
Label: Revive Records
Year: 2008


01. Shadows
02. Post Mortem
03. Echoes
04. Snowfall
05. First Day Of Sun
06. No Return
07. Zodiac
08. Remaining Light
09. Shores Of Orion
10. Loss


Just attended the Athens show together with JaM at "An Live Club" and bought the new CD! Show was awesome, hope to see "God Is An Astronaut" again next year...
BUY the CD when it is out (7.11.2008), it is GREAT!

Official site
Buy (
Web Release Exclusive (CD Only) 7.11.08 - General Release Jan 2009)


Unknown said...

Great news. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they were coming out with another album. They've always been up there with my favorites. Thank you, downloading now.

Anonymous said...

Is this album the real one????

Anonymous said...

Great Album! Thanks!

MeTSam said...

Of course it's the real album! Bought it from their gig in Athens on 1.11.2008.

musicaonrails said...

The link is not working ;-(

MeTSam said...

I ll upload new links in the coming hour. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MeTSam said...

Link fixed!

Unknown said...

The Link isn't working.