Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Storm Explosion - Wasteland EP

Artist: The Storm Explosion
Album: Wasteland EP
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2009

01. Wasteland
02. Everything That's Living
03. Not Alone


The Storm Explosion are a 4 piece experimental guitar band making waves in their hometown of Reading in the South of England. Consisting of Jamie Allaway Guitar/vocals, Gary McSorley/Guitar, Andy Henderson/Bass, Pedro Borralho/Drums.
The band had been jammin as a 3-piece for the last 2 years, locked away in their practice room in Readinf, writing music that would "Blow People Away". The band didn't follow any rules in making music and do thing the way they want without any boundaries or limits. In March 2008 the band decided although still a strong force as a 3 piece, that they would sound bigger with 2 guitarists. So McSorley, also a talented guitarist, would now play guitar. Then by chance Andrew Henderson, a close associate of the band stepped forward, more than willing to play bass. Now with the line-up complete, the band once again retreated to the practice room to learn to play as a 4 piece, which was an instant and natural transition. The band is now getting ready for its summer gigs and to unleash their sound to the people.


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