Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rosa Parks - Rosa Parks EP

Artist: Rosa Parks
Album: Rosa Parks EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009


01. Fanum
02. XX
03. God Spent The Weekend On Earth


Rosa Park is a four-piece group hailing from
Győr, Hungary. They took their name from Rosa Lee Parks, a civil rights activist who was born and lived in the U.S.
Rosa Park were formed in 2007 and this EP is "celebrating", in a way,  their first two years of being together. I found the music wonderful and easy to listen to. It creates a nice atmosphere similar to "Explosions In The Sky", "Caspian", Scraps Of Tape and the likes...

As Gergő wrote in his message, the band is inspired by underground clubs, friends, hunger, history of injustice, melancholic moments.

Band Members Are:

Gergő – Guitar
Flo – Bass
Laci – Drums
Ádám – Guitar

Well done Gergő, well done Rosa Parks!!

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Bufftbone said...

Rosa Lee Parks is dead

MeTSam said...

Hey, Bufftbone, I know!!

You see, the s key is beside the d key so she was alive again for a little while!!

Anyway, thanks for the correction.

See ya!