Friday, February 5, 2010

Collapse Under The Empire - Find A Place To Be Safe

Artist: Collapse Under The Empire
Album: Find A Place To Be Safe
Label:  Sister Jack Records
Year: 2009


01. Capture Moments
02. Crawling
03. Find A Place To Be Safe
04. Tranquillity
05. Angle Of Incidence
06. Decay
07. Far To The Past
08. A Smell Of Boiled Greens
09. Intelligence
10. Conscious Of Thirty-Nine
11. Take A Shot On Me


New album Find A Place To Be Safe provided me with my first listen to German instrumentalists Collapse Under The Empire, so I had absolutely no idea what sort of thing to expect. Not to put too fine a point on it, I was pleasantly surprised. Collapse Under The Empire are an essential listen for fans of post-rock, and in fact something more, instilling their music with the sort of passion and contemplation I would have thought impossible without lyrics.

Find A Place To Be Safe opens strongly with Captured Moments and Crawling, before really hitting its stride with tracks like Angle of Incidence and Decay. Perfectly paced, well performed and deeply contemplative, Find A Place To Be Safe is fantastic, with other highlights including the title track, Tranquility... well, pretty much the whole thing.

To conclude (somewhat superfluously), Find A Place To Be Safe is a fantastic work, essential listening for fans of post rock. People who are really into their music owe it to themselves to check Collapse Under The Empire out. (-by Chris Render @

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