Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strange Glue And The Post-Rock Underground Vol. 3

Artist: Compilation
Album: Strange Glue And The Post-Rock Underground Vol. 3
Label: Strange Glue
Year: 2010

01. The American Dollar - Landing
02. Pg. Lost - Crystalline
03. Collapse Under The Empire - Crawling
04. Pelican - Strung Up From the Sky
05. The End Of The Ocean - Setting Sail
06. Analog Sound - Потеряно в переводе
07. Microfilm - State & Island
08. Eimog - Saved By Thirteen


As the new decade begins we all set off on ambitious missions to achieve, succeed and explore. For some people they do so by working hard, for others they get their travelling boots on and for those reading, it's probably portrayed as a quest for new music.

If you are from the latter group then here's us getting the ball rolling, a compilation of the finest Post-Rock music around. A scientifically-proven mix of awe-inspiring tracks from both established and fledgling bands. Eight tracks of new, rare or unreleased material to tickle your fancy, tickle your auditory canal and to tick all your boxes with incendiary sonic explosions.

There is of course a catch, much like your local drug-dealer, we give away the first hit free-of-charge in the knowledge that you'll keep coming back for more at slightly raised prices. This is what is called 'the music industry', so blow the moths from your wallet or purse and start purchasing some albums by these fine bands -by Gareth Jones (


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