Sunday, February 14, 2010

Planete Sauvage - The Strange Mood Of The Dirty Rocks

Artist: Planete Sauvage
Album: The Strange Mood Of The Dirty Rocks
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Image d'un objet recomposé (part I)
02. L'immanence des serpentines
03. L'éveil de Shemty (chap II)
04. Le spectacle du non vivant
05. L'éveil de Shemty (chap III)
06. The strange mood of the dirty rocks
07. Le retour de Biculah dans sa patrie (chap III)


Planet Sauvage is a non expandable and unanswered aggregate. It was born on the first year according to the New Messiah (1996 of the older prophet age).
Combination of a gothic roman cathedral and a public dump, it's name is directly influenced by the Rene Laboux's animation film "La planete Sauvage".
It's judged as the first of the six miracles of the duality foretelling the second, the Azirh's king accession, Tresypult. The third being the born of his son, Amagimah, the fourth, the Biculah's resurrection, the fifth, the Semty's reincarnation. Lastly, the sixth, the Kroll's metamorphoses.

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