Friday, February 12, 2010

Hollow Branches - Anchored In Sleep EP

Artist: Hollow Branches
Album: Anchored In Sleep EP
Label:  Strix Records
Year: 2009


01. Steel Flowers
02. Anchored in Sleep
03. Ivory Dream
04. Ante Meridiem
05. Impending Morning Haunts
More than 5,000 miles separates the members of Hollow Branches, they have only been in the same room a hand- ful of times, each is in several other bands, and none of this is likely to change. In spite of these obstacles, Hollow Branches has managed to record two EPs in 2009 alone.
With a sound equal parts ambient, rock and trip hop, Words are Fire received a digital release in February and was downloaded no less than 500 times. Since that time, five new tracks have been written for their second EP, An- chored in Sleep. Thematically inspired by dreams, insom- nia, nostalgia and morning, Anchored in Sleep finds Hollow Branches expanding their sound with elements of progressive and post rock, as well as glitch. Anchored in Sleep will be available for download and purchase before 2010.

Anchored in Sleep:
Robert Hunter
Marius Sjøli
Jason Walton

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