Friday, January 11, 2008

Jakob - Solace

Artist: Jakob
Album: Solace
Label: Midium
Year: 2006


01. Malachite
02. Pneumonic
03. Lonesome
04. Oran Mor
05. Safety In Numbers
06. Everything All Of The Time
07. Saint


pass: Altered Course

Proud Napier trio Jakob have well and truly found their own groove on this latest record - Solace is easily the band's best work to date (no mean feat, given the high standard of their previous releases!) and effortlessly blows anything else that's been released of late out of the water.
This, their third album, sees the band diving headfirst into the heavy-ambient "instru-metal" waters that they've been dipping their toe into increasingly since their debut-proper Subsets Of Sets, their well-honed sound is at once startlingly beautiful and crushingly heavy (check out 'Pneumonic' if you need convincing) yet always melodic and could confidently stand up next to the leading lights in the field such as Isis, Jesu and Pelican.
Producer extraordinaire David Holmes has out done himself behind the desk, and even pops up on one track ('Lonesome') to add some guitar as does musical peer Tristan Dingemans of HDU on 'Everything All Of The Time'. As far as local releases go, Solace is a welcome breath of fresh air and already a firm favourite for the year so far. Beyond that it is truly a world class release that should see the consistent groundwork the band has been doing abroad, start to pay dividends. Highly Recommended.

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