Thursday, May 1, 2008

Andy Mitchell - Less Talk, More Static

Artist: Andy Mitchell
Album: Less Talk, More Static
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Home
02. Tell Me
03. The End Begins
04. Wasting My Days
05. Dark Matter
06. Dissolve
07. Waiting
08. One Small Step
09. DSPS


Living on campus at Middlesbrough University, or any university for that matter, not the most insouciant experience for the budding musician. Exams, projects, and the general strain of university life can take their toll, yet Andy Mitchell manages to juggle the two dedications with a little bit of effort. Andy, 20, took notice of the rise of digital advances regarding music, and soon cottoned on. His album, "Less Talk, More Static," is accessible for download in its entirety via his myspace page gratis. Of course, if you also attend Middlesbrough University, you may already have been awoken in the small hours of the night by a scraping noise as Andy slides a copy of "Less Talk, More Static" between the crack of the door and the floor of your room. Failing that, you’ll just have to download the album, and I must say, it’s a tad more convenient for Mr. Mitchell.
By this point, you may be wondering exactly what is so special about Andy. He confirmed to me that "Less Talk, More Static" draws inspiration from Frank Sinatra’s "In The Wee Small Hours" album cover, reflecting loneliness, desertion, and the early hours of the day. His song, DSPS epitomises Andy as a musician and lyricist; from the intricately intimate melodies of his acoustic guitar and tunnel echo vocals, to the wind chimes that aren’t even there, Andy comes to life as he muses, “It was the sound of nothing at all, the clouds today forever move and crawl.” Andy Mitchell is an artist who sounds like he is recording his music while he is watching the sunrises and sunsets as they pass him by, and do you know, I think he might just be doing so. So do visit Andy’s myspace, and give his wonderfully textured music a listen.

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