Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Land Of Nod - Reality Channel: An Introduction To The Land Of Nod

Artist: The Land Of Nod
Album: Reality Channel: An Introduction To The Land Of Nod
Label: Elephant Stone
Year: 2003

01. Ice Station Nod
02. Half-Light
03. Quadrant Zero (out-take)
04. Timeless Point
05. Parabolic Velocity
06. Filtration
07. Reality Channel
08. The Land of Nod (sunrise)
09. Chronicle Blueprint No. 1
10. Inducing the Sleep Shpere
11. Eddy
12. Masaki
13. Luminosity
14. Cadence
15. Mooger Superior

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In the Land of Nod, percussion whispers, the bass whimpers, and guitars gently glide in a valley of delay effects. This collection of select tracks from its proper albums and radio sessions supports the U.K. duo's comparisons to Windy & Carl, Mogwai, and the ambient side of Spacemen 3. Guitarist Ant Walker and bassist Dave Battersby head up this ethereal journey through ambient instrumental rock, occasionally aided by piano ("Quadrant Zero") and percussion ("Chronicle Blueprint No. 1" and "Inducing the Sleep Sphere"). The eight-minute "Parabolic Velocity" is one of the Nod's finer moments, where a helicopter-like sound swirls around high-end, dreamy bass and ghostly tones. "The Land of Nod," a delightful piece that's reminiscent of mid-'80s Cocteau Twins or Swallow's Blow, soothes with its misty atmosphere. Other tracks slowly build, then drift away, bringing you along for a ride that induces a sleepy, sometimes trance-y state.-Kenyon Hopkin (

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