Friday, February 15, 2008

The American Dollar - American Dollar

The American Dollar
Album: American Dollar
Label: Yesh Music
Year: 2006

01. War On Christmas
02. Glow
03. Cambian
04. Somnambulance
05. Long March
06. Seperate But Equal
07. Peterson
08. Thompson
09. Twelve Days Awake
10. Everyone Gets Shot


The American Dollar's debut album, released in February 2006, was met with immediate success and acclaim. The album's recording began in August 2005, with the members of American Dollar emerging from previous bands, looking to move in a completely new direction and creative outlet. Selling thousands of copies solely via their website, The American Dollar quickly established a name for itself with it's eponymous debut. Notable tracks from the release include War On Christmas, Peterson and Everyone Gets Shot. Many tracks from the album have since been used in Television and Film.

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indie said...

All three albums are equally intense in dreamy qualities.

These guys are really talented musician.