Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Severely Departed - The Severely Departed

Artist: The Severely Departed
Album: The Severely Departed
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01. A Small Divide
02. Closer To Home
03. Exhale
04. In The Coming Days
05. No Help Comes
06. Sincerely Yours
07. Thaw
08. To A Friend


The Severely Departed play beautiful and powerful instrumental rock. It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out in the instrumental scene but The Severely Departed are able to do just that with these eight songs. The band has a knack of keeping things interesting along the way while never falling into the “sameness” that plagues so many other instrumental acts. At times they recall Pelican in the way they are able to balance beautiful instrumental passages with a heavy metallic nature. However, not to sit still, the band only lives in that realm for a few songs. Other pieces bring to mind the wistful instrumentals of bands like Explosions In The Sky. Yet, The Severely Departed are able to put their own unique spin on the post-rock sound. The band adds depth to these songs with instrumental flourishes of piano and synths. At times, the piano/synths actually take the lead leaving the guitars to fight in the background. All these additions and changes of pace give even more weight to these already densely packed songs. Fans that live within the instrumental scene might find something to complain about here, but as a casual post-rock fan, The Severely Departed have kept my attention and then some. (

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