Saturday, March 8, 2008

Eaststrikewest - Rosa

Artist: Eaststrikewest
Album: Rosa
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Rosa
02. Oceans


Eaststrikewest are a band from London, England. They formed in 2007 after the breakup of former outfit threemovements, by ex-members: Liam Davis (guitars), James Saddington (guitars, keyboards), Ian Smith (drums) and Joseph Smyth (bass). After numerous line-up changes, the band only started to develop after the addition of Craig Bourne (keyboards, guitars), Thomas Clark (vocals) and Luc Lamude (guitars) - whom have all been long term friends and collaborators in past projects.

Eaststrikewest as we hear them today, is the sound of brilliant potential fully realised; with a broader range of input and ideas, the band can only now fully experiment in fine-tuning both their recording and live sound to something truly unique.

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