Friday, March 7, 2008

Flies Are Spies From Hell - Mountain Language

Artist: Flies Are Spies From Hell
Album: Mountain Language
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01. Mountain language
King sly
03. Next hour


When the term instrumental music gets batted about, the same bands seem to get mentioned again and again and this has maybe resulted in the conception that the tracks are a little bit longer than music by other artists of different genres. However Flies Are Spies From Hell show you can make one hell of an instrumental track whether it be three and a half minutes or fifteen minutes long; it’s the content and the journey that track takes you on and the skill in which they do it that’s the important thing. At points you wish the tracks and EP were longer but only because it’s so damn good. The band eloquently mix together the use of the piano and the rest of the instruments together seamlessly. Flies Are Spies From Hell are phenomenal in the music they make and the way it’s compressed into their tracks for me makes this band a perfect introduction if one were thinking of looking into the broader spectrums of instrumental music.
-Antony McSweeney (

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