Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fractal Pattern - No Hope But Mt. Hope

Artist: Fractal Pattern
Album: No Hope But Mt. Hope
Label: Method
Year: 2004

01. Faute De Mieux
02. Aphelion-Perephelion
03. There's Hope For Everyone On The Internet
04. Binary Consequence
05. Ad Infinitum
06. Interior Of A Turkish Caffinet
07. So It Goes, But Not So Much

pass: lateralnoise.blogspot.com

These shoe-gazers from Edmonton whip up a brooding brew of textual instrumentals which linger, palpitate, serenade and carry you over the course of the 7 song disc: No Hope But Mt. Hope. This quintet must not have all that much to be happy about (after all, they do live in King Ralph’s province), but they have managed to channel the sobering reality of where there geography into a truly beautiful sounding Canadian meditation. The music on this recording sounds hopeless and it aches and patters along at a dis-heartening, honest pace. The album’s artwork is adorned with sombre monochrome landscapes of skies and mountains, murky song titles such as “faute de mieux” and “there’s hope for everyone on the internet” and the inside of this release notes that “fractal pattern is commited to compassionate living”. The music documented on No Hope but Mt. Hope sounds like the band has made some pretty impressive steps towards bringing their beliefs on life and music into somewhat harmony.

Sound clashes, feedback and whimpering moments of solitude, space resound repeatedly all throughout the course of this recording. Speckled influences of Slint-like climax/anti-climax arrangements, Constellation-bands, the Surface of Ecyeon and punk are all echo’d and filtered through a shoe-gazer’s gaze. Fractal Pattern create a unique sound through the timbre of the instruments that they have chosen to mix-up on this recording. The classic rock band configuration is highlighted by the swaying wind-y sounds of horn, bow, trombone and harmonica. As the tension builds and releases in their songs, Fractal Pattern weave a tapestry of unstable and uncertain sounds that seem to know exactly where they are headed. There is an incredible balancing act being waged here by the musicians of Fractal Pattern. This is one of those recordings that you put on and then forget is playing, but then remember that its playing
because it catches you attention from out of nowhere, only to loose you again, but then pick you up again. - L. Pounds (earshot-online.com)

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